Channel Managers:

Secrets for More Success

Secrets of Channel

Get the Playbook on:
  1. Partner Recruitment
  2. On-boarding
  3. Alignment
  4. Sell My Stuff!
More and more service providers are in the channel today -
selling the same services as your company!
That makes it very difficult for your channel managers to perform well.
Give your Channel Managers a leg up on
the competition with these books and audio.
In 2015, in Channel Vision magazine, I wrote a multi-chapter
Channel Manager's Playbook
that was collected in PDF by Beka Publishing.

The original playbook includes tips and ideas for:
 On-Boarding, Recruitment, Partner Motivation
and the Role of the Channel Manager. After I added
more valuable tips, I published it:

  Secrets for Channel Managers -
available on Amazon!
in Kindle or Paperback
Secrets for Channel Managers - the webinar!
Get the recording of the 45-minute webinar TODAY!
The mp3 of Secrets for Channel Managers*
is just $14.99!
It contains material from the original playbook
that Channel Managers need to be successful!

*the mp3 is from a 2016 webinar and
contains material not found in the 2015 ebook
Channel Manager
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